Terms and conditions

Personal trainer decalogue

  1. Remember that you are a PROFESSIONAL, keep it at all times.
  2. If you have any questions or concerns, Contono is there to help. ASK US.
  3. Do not forget that your SERVICE is subject to the rules of the platform.
  4. You must provide an adequate & standards-compliant WORKING SPACE..
  5. You must be an empathic person and maintain a social attitude, FRIENDLY.
  6. Your IMAGE also counts, you must take care of it. It is an extension of what the brand is and represents.
  7. You must perform an exclusive and personalized FOLLOW-UP for each user. Remember that you are the MANAGER of your community.
  8. You will help VIRALIZE the brand sharing its contents and the advances of your community. Your profiles on social networks play an important role.
  9. You will be very present and you will be ADJUSTED to:
    • This decalogue
    • To the Personal Trainer's Manual of 10
    • To the standards of the platform that we provide you.
    We'll make it easy You'll also find them on the platform.
  10. Your goal will be the improvement to get your community to grow and advance, contributing to Contono too.