Frequently asked questions

Teachers Questions:

How does Contono work?
Contono is an easy and direct way to give classes in video streaming from anywhere in the world to a person or a small group.
How does Contono Live work?
Sign up for a class and broadcast your class live around the world. Whenever you train you can only broadcast and it has a real-time counter of how many people are watching you.
What price should I put on my classes at Contono?
The price is completely free, so you always decide according to your qualifications, experience and the history of your clients' valuations.
Does a one-to-one or group class cost the same?
The price is up to you, but if you give a class to two people, we recommend that you divide the price by two.
How does the payment of each class at Contono work?
Put the price and duration you want for each class and you will receive 85% of that price in your purse.
How does Contono Live payment work?
Users pay a monthly subscription account at Live. We distribute 50% of this monthly fee among all teachers in proportion to the number of people who have seen your class each month compared to other teachers. The more you broadcast, the more likely you are to be seen.
Can I use support channels like YouTube®, Instagram®, Twitter®, etc.?
Sure, you can tell your customers and followers on social networks that they can now find you at Contono. This way, you'll be charging for both private lessons and broadcasts at Contono Live.
How often do I get paid?
Once a month if you have more than 50 euros accumulated in your purse you will receive payments.
Do I have to be a licensed member?
In some countries you may need to be a licensed member, so find out more about it first.
How do users rate my expertise?
At the end of each class, users can rate you and write reviews about you. Take care of them and you'll get good ratings.
How many classes can I give each day?
It's your choice.
How do I organize my classes?
As you prefer. You can sign up for individual classes when you have time and people from all over the world can sign up. You can also block a class on the same day at the same time on a subscription basis, so users may periodically sign up for your class.
Can I cancel a class?
Yes, but you must do it 24 hours in advance so your customers can know.

Student Questions:

What is Contono?
Contono is a quick way to give live streaming video lessons with your favorite teachers from anywhere in the world. You can talk and learn with them in real time. You can pay for each class or subscribe to a weekly class.
What is Contono Live?
It's being able to follow your teachers' classes live all over the world. You pay a monthly fee and can see thousands of teachers live for an hour each day.
Can I change teachers at Contono?
Of course, at Contono you pay your teachers per class.
Can I subscribe to a teacher's class?
Yes, each class has a limited number of places. If you subscribe to their classes you can have your place assured.
Can I change teachers in Contono Live?
Every day. You can do one hour of exercise a day following different teachers, in different activities and in different places.